the best gifts for a drywaller

The Best Gifts For A Drywaller

Hello all!  A couple of months back, my girlfriend told me she had a very tough time finding gifts for a drywaller.  She doesn’t know the trade very well so she had looked up different ideas all over the internet and eventually gave up.  She didn’t know what I needed or could use.  That’s why I made this gift guide.

If you haven’t been to Drywall Central before, my name is Joe.  I run my own drywall business in Upstate NY so drywall is my bread and butter.  I mainly started this website to help others better understand the trade.

Today, I’ll be going into quite a few gift ideas for a drywaller.  I’ll admit, I do not have all of these things yet.  I will specify which I do have and give my honest review.  I’m not here to give you poorly rated products, I want to help you give him (or her) an awesome gift they can use.  

As I explain the different products and uses, I’m going to have a Question: This question is a way you can ask him/her to discover if this tool will be useful! Each gift will contain a link directly to Amazon for purchase!

Gifts For A Drywaller #1: A Laser Measure

What A Laser Measure Is Used For

This is an awesome tool for a drywaller or contractor that does estimates now and again.  Customers are always impressed when I use one.  They see that I like to be efficient. Anytime I’m running estimates for jobs, this is what I use to take proper measurements quickly.  It 100% beats using a tape measure because it is a simple laser point and click, and the digital screen shows the measurement from wall to wall or floor to ceiling.

If they ever do estimates, this is an absolute must-have.

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Question: What do you use to measure when you do estimates?  A tape measure right?

Gifts For A Drywaller #2: Self-feeding Drywall Drill

What Is A Self-Feeding Drywall Drill?

A self-feeding drywall gun gives a drywaller the ability to screw things one-handed.  It eliminates having to hold one screw in one hand, and the screw gun in the other hand.  It takes a special type of screws, called collated drywall screws.  The screws come on little plastic strips that insert into the drywall screw gun.  Once one screw is screwed in, it automatically adjusts to the next screw.  All by using one hand!  It’s a great tool for drywallers who want to be efficient.  And it comes in handy when one hand is holding drywall onto a ceiling and you need to screw as well.

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Question:  How do you screw in drywall when you have to hold drywall up to a ceiling with one hand?

Gifts For A Drywaller #3: Skimming Blades

What are skimming blades?

Skimming blades are becoming more well known in the market.  If you’re purchasing gifts for a drywaller there’s a chance they have already seen ads or videos of others using skimming blades.  I have seen the videos personally and they have amazing reviews across the board.  A skimming blade is a large blade used to smooth out joint compound.  When I say large, I mean they are not your typical one-hand knives that a drywaller uses.  These are usually 24-48” and require the use of two hands.  They help a drywaller get an insanely flat finish.

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Question: I saw an ad for these big blades for drywall, I think they called them skimming blades.  Do you ever use them?

Gifts For A Drywaller #4: Mark N guard

What is a Mark N Guard?

A mark n guard is an extremely handy tool for anyone installing drywall.  Its main use is for marking out where electrical boxes are.  Installing drywall can cause a lot of headaches and mistakes when marking out where to cut out for an electric box.  The Mark N Guard is placed inside an electrical box before installing drywall and offers protection from wires.  Not only that, it has a point built into it that is made to poke through drywall when it is placed against the wall. This way, it eliminates the guesswork!

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Question: How do you know where to cut out electric boxes?

Gifts For A Drywaller #5: Drywall Panel Hoist

What is a drywall panel hoist?

A drywall panel hoist is a large tool that is made to be foldable, safe, and convenient.  I use one all of the time, especially since I work alone.  A drywall panel hoist has an upper platform, wheels, and a crank wheel.  It is designed to be a shoulder-saver by giving a drywaller the ability to crank a drywall panel up to a ceiling effortlessly.

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Question: How do you get the drywall up onto a ceiling?

Gifts For A Drywaller #6: Magnetic box finder

What is a magnetic box finder?

A magnetic box finder is very similar to the mark n guard.  It is made to go inside an electric box to make cutting drywall around it easy.  The main difference between this is it is done with a magnet that goes inside the box, and a magnet to find the box.  What I like about this product is that you’re able to mark where you’re cutting before you cut.  This is made to be used for all types of cuts, unlike the mark n guard.  With the magnetic box finder, you can easily find recessed ceiling electric boxes as well.

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Question: How do you know where to cut out electric boxes in ceilings?

Drywaller Gift #7: Panel Carry Handle

What is a panel carry handle?

Only the best tool for carrying drywall!  It saves your back for sure.  It is a handle that makes it easier to carry drywall, instead of spreading your arms out to carry it. It’s about 14 inches long with a comfortable handle and a bottom wedge and notch to easily and safely carry panels.

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Question:  How do you carry drywall around when you’re on the job, isn’t it hard?

Drywaller Gift #8: Drywall Stilts

What are drywall stilts?

Drywall stilts are something many can be afraid of, but they’re a lot of fun.  Scary at first? Yes.  I don’t recommend someone grabbing stilts and going straight to a job with them because they are a big fall risk.  But without risk, no reward.  Stilts will require some practice.  When I purchased my first pair of stilts I practiced around my home first.  I cleaned out hard-to-reach places in cabinets and over the microwave.  Once I got the hang of it, I started using them in the field.  It is a huge game-changer!

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Question:  Have you ever used stilts on a job before?

Drywaller Gift #9: Work Platform

What is a work platform?

Work platforms are essentially benches that are made to walk on while working.  I’m including this in the article because I have one, and I always want more.  They are typically about 40” long and are foldable for easy transport.  They are made with quick latches to unfold and get right to work.  I use these on smaller jobs when I can’t use my stilts, and I use them on large jobs as a way to reach my mud without constantly bending over.

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Question: What do you use to reach ceilings that are just over arm’s length? A ladder?

Drywaller Gift #10: Insoles

What are insoles?

I never leave my house without a good pair of insoles!  Does he/she complain about sore feet at the end of the day? We have a very labor-intensive job and we can’t do drywall on a chair, unfortunately.  My feet were constantly killing me every day to the point I wouldn’t want to be active (at all) when I got home.  I’d sit on the couch and veg out as I felt my feet pulsing and burning.  Insoles helped me with that.  I’m a heavier-set guy, so I got insoles that were made for my weight of over 200 lbs.  You might not have to ask a question to know if they need them.  I complained 24/7 to my girlfriend so she already knew about my foot pain.

As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Question:  Do you get foot pain from being on your feet all day and carrying heavy stuff?

Did I help you in finding gift ideas for a drywaller?  Let me know in the comments below.  I get the fact that we can sometimes be stubborn and reluctant to try out new things, but your gift will help open them up to the invaluable products out there in the market.  If you have any other ideas you are thinking about, let me know in the comments and I can get back to you!  Thank you for visiting Drywall Central today!  All the best!

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