Free Drywall Estimator Calculator – How Much Drywall Do I Need?

Drywall Estimator Calculator

Instructions for using the Drywall Estimator Calculator:

1. If you are just doing one wall or two walls, only enter your calculation in those areas.
2. If you are drywalling an entire room, enter the measurement for each wall and the ceiling.
3. Choose “Yes” or “No” for adding 10% waste to the formula.
4. Select “Calculate”
5. Choose which size drywall you would like to use.

Drywall Calculator

  Length (Feet) Width (Feet)

Wall 1:

Wall 2:

Wall 3:

Wall 4:

Total Square Feet:

Total Square Feet with 10% waste:

Add 10% waste?


Total 4×8 Drywall Sheets

Without Waste:

With 10% Waste:

Total 4×10 Drywall Sheets

Without Waste:

With 10% Waste:

Total 4×12 Drywall Sheets

Without Waste:

With 10% Waste:


Drywall Estimator Calculator – How It Works

The drywall estimator calculator finds the square foot of the wall you are drywalling. For example, if a wall is 10′ long and 12′ wide – the drywall estimator calculator multiplies the two to come up with 120 square ft for that wall. Next, it will divide the total square feet by the total square feet of a sheet of drywall. To make this a bit more efficient and give you options, I’ve included 4×8, 4×10, and 4×12 sheets of drywall. It’s up to you which size drywall sheet you would like to use.

If you’re new to installing drywall, I created a guide and video to help you plan out your drywall installation. For more tips, be sure to check out my website regularly!

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