Ultimate Guide to Buying or Renting a Drywall Lift (2024)

Hanging drywall can be physically demanding, but using a drywall lift can make it a solo task, saving both time and energy. In this guide, we’ll weigh the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a drywall lift online, like from Amazon, versus traditional stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Harbor Freight. We’ll also explore the option of renting one.

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Drywall Lift Factors to Consider

Price: Drywall lift prices vary based on features and weight capacity. Amazon tends to offer a wider price range, including some budget-friendly options. However, during sales, traditional stores might have better deals on well-known brands.

Brand and Warranty: Traditional stores typically carry reputable brands with solid warranties, whereas Amazon may feature lesser-known brands with shorter or no warranties. Checking reviews on Amazon can provide insight into the quality of these brands.

Features: Drywall lifts come with various features like adjustable heights and tilting cradles. Consider which features are essential for your project. Both online and traditional stores offer lifts with diverse features.

Availability: Traditional stores have the advantage of immediate availability, while with Amazon, there’s usually a shipping wait time, though some sellers offer faster shipping options.

Returns: Amazon generally offers a more flexible return policy compared to traditional stores. It’s important to review the return policies of both the retailer and the manufacturer before making a purchase.

Drywall Lift Price Comparison Chart (2024):

A quick comparison between buying from Amazon and brick-and-mortar stores can help in decision-making. Keep in mind the shipping costs need to be added to the price. Click the links for to go direct to their website!

AmazonUnbrandedFree (7-10 Days)$163.97
TemuUnbrandedFree (7-21 Days)$124.36
Home DepotMetalTechFree To Store (7 Days)$437.52
LowesMarshallTownFree To Store ($39-$79 Shipping)$249.00
Harbor FreightFranklinTypically $20-$30$249.99


Renting a Drywall Lift Cost

Renting from a local equipment rental company is a viable option if you only need a lift for a short project or lack storage space. Rental costs vary based on lift capacity and duration.

If your local Home Depot has tool rentals, expect to pay at least $50 per day of use, and upwards of $200/week.


The ideal place to buy a drywall lift depends on individual preferences and needs. For those on a tight budget, Amazon might offer the best deals, while those prioritizing brand reputation and immediate availability may prefer traditional stores. Renting is suitable for short-term projects or limited storage space.


Additional Tips:

  • Read reviews to gauge the quality and functionality of the drywall lift.
  • Consider the size and weight of the drywall panels you’ll be working with when selecting a lift.
  • Prioritize safety by following the manufacturer’s instructions for proper operation.
  • By following these tips, you can choose the right drywall lift for your project with confidence.

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