Earthwise Hedge Trimmer Review: An Affordable Option for Homeowners

Hedge trimming, they say, is a soothing endeavor – a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with, except when it involves tackling an unruly collection of trees and shrubs scattered across my property. As a homeowner who’s no stranger to the ongoing battle against nature’s attempts to reclaim my yard, I’ve learned the value of dependable tools. This brings me to the Earthwise Hedge Trimmer – which has continued to impress me over the past two years.

Name:  Earthwise Hedge Trimmer
Made By: American Lawn Mower Co.
Overall Rank: 10/10
Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

How The Earthwise Hedge Trimmer Works

Using the Earthwise Hedge Trimmer is a walk in the park. It’s designed to be super user-friendly, making your trimming tasks a lot smoother. With a comfy shoulder strap, it’s easy on your arms, and the lightweight build adds to the convenience. The best part? No cords to worry about! This trimmer runs on batteries, so you can say goodbye to the hassle of cords getting tangled or accidentally sliced.

On a personal note: I decided to switch to the Earthwise Hedge Trimmer after a little mishap involving not one, but two of my extension cords with an electric hedge trimmer. Thankfully, nobody got hurt, but the second spark was my cue to switch to a battery-powered trimmer – no more cord casualties!

What I Love About The Earthwise Hedge Trimmer

First off, let’s talk longevity. This trusty tool has stood by me for a solid two years, and guess what? The battery is still going strong, keeping the trimmer humming away just like it did on day one. That’s a win in my book.  Normally when I decide to write a product review, I give it some time before reviewing–this way, you know what you’re buying!

Now, here’s the real kicker – the extended hedge trimmer. Whoever came up with this deserves a round of applause. It’s like they read my mind about those hard-to-reach spots that used to leave me frustrated. With this attachment, I’m a pro, breezing through trimming even the most stubborn branches without any circus-worthy moves.  The extended hedge trimmer is a little bit more expensive than the standard one, but it is well worth it.

In a nutshell, it’s the Earthwise Hedge Trimmer’s reliability and the genius extended trimmer option that have turned me into a happy hedge scaper.

Battery Life Of The Earthwise Hedge Trimmer

When it comes to the battery life of the Earthwise Hedge Trimmer, I can confidently give it a solid 10/10 rating. This battery is a true champion in longevity and durability. Over the course of two years since its purchase, I haven’t had a single reason to replace its rechargeable battery. That’s a testament to its exceptional quality and reliability. The trimmer’s battery, being rechargeable, has consistently outlasted my expectations, powering through numerous trimming sessions without showing any signs of wear.

This remarkable staying power has not only saved me the hassle of frequent battery replacements but also ensured uninterrupted and efficient yard maintenance. If there’s one aspect of the Earthwise Hedge Trimmer that has truly exceeded my expectations, it’s undoubtedly the exceptional endurance of its rechargeable battery.

How I Maintained My Hedge Trimmer

In my journey of taking care of my hedge trimmer, I’ve adopted a simple yet effective routine. Post each use, I’ve made it a practice to generously apply lubricant, specifically WD-40, onto the blades. This step ensures that the blades remain smooth and resistant to any potential rust or friction. Moreover, I’ve found that storing the trimmer with its battery on charge has been instrumental in maintaining the battery’s health and performance. These straightforward steps have become second nature and have certainly contributed to the trimmer’s lasting efficiency.


Scoring a resounding 10/10, this trimmer shines as a dependable choice. For those seeking convenience, Amazon is the go-to spot for a hassle-free purchase.

Functionality is at the forefront with the Earthwise Hedge Trimmer. It boasts a user-friendly design with a comfy shoulder strap and a light build. The best part? No more cord chaos. Operating on batteries, it’s a seamless solution that leaves tangled cords and accidental disconnects in the past.

Summing up, the Earthwise Hedge Trimmer’s steadfast reliability and the brilliance of the extended attachment have transformed me from a fretful gardener to a content one. Its battery life is exceptional, and my simple upkeep routine – lubricating with WD-40 and storing the trimmer with its battery charging – has kept it going strong. Whether you’re a gardening pro or a weekend warrior, this trimmer lives up to its promise, offering a seamless solution to taming the wildest of hedges.

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