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In-Depth FibaFuse Review by a Pro: An Exclusive Look

Read my honest fibafuse review below:

Product: Fibafuse White Paperless Drywall Joint Tape
What’s Included:
250 ft or 500 ft roll
No Manufacturer Warranty – Subject to the store return policy
Cheapest Place To Buy: 
Home Depot
My Rating for New Construction: 
My Rating For Repairing Drywall: 10/10

I’ve been working with Fibafuse for the past 3 years.  I’ve used it in multiple applications, such as drywall repairs, new construction, and new renovations.  It has its pros and cons.  I’d like to share my experience in full with the product and how I determined the best ways it can be used.  Consider this an honest review of the product, I am in no way sponsored by the company.

If you haven’t been to before, my name is Joe.  I’m a full-time drywaller and drywall repair guy based out of Upstate NY.  I created this blog to give consumers more knowledge about the drywall industry, and educate them using how-to guides, videos, and product reviews.

It’s Not Paper Tape

To any average person who doesn’t do drywall, you wouldn’t know the difference at first.  Any time there is a joint in drywall (where two pieces of drywall meet) either paper tape, or mesh tape has been used with joint compound to bond them together.  Fibafuse was created to be in the middle of paper and mesh, but is said to be stronger than paper.

What’s Wrong With Paper Tape?

In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with paper tape.  It is still the most widely used by drywallers.  However, if you are a beginner at taping and mudding joints – there’s a good chance you may get bubbles behind your paper tape.

Bubbles form due to uneven spread, or not enough joint compound behind the tape in the first place.  As the joint compound shrinks, it leaves a void of compound behind the tape.  This causes the paper tape to not stick fully to the wall and leaves behind a visible bubble in the wall.  The only way to repair it is to cut out the tape and redo it again.  Due to this, it is usually recommended that beginners use mesh tape.

What Is Mesh Tape?

Mesh tape is another type of drywall tape that was created to eliminate the need to apply a coat of joint compound before applying the tape.  Mesh tapes are self-adhesive, meaning you are able to apply it to the joint first, then apply your mud.  This is the second most widely used drywall joint tape in the industry.  It is typically used for repairs or new construction.

What is Fibafuse?

Fibafuse is a newer product that was made to be stronger than paper tape, which it is.  It is composed of glas mat fabric, which is basically a woven fiberglass.  It eliminates possible bubbles just like mesh tape – but it is applied like paper tape.  This means you have to first apply your joint compound, then your tape, then press it into the joint to “bed” it into the wall.  Another perk of using Fibafuse is that because it is made of fiberglass, it is naturally mold resistant; which makes it a good choice for bathroom/kitchen repairs.

FibaFuse Review – For Drywall Repairs 10/10

What I really like about this product is how well it works for doing quick drywall repairs.  When I am out in the field and get a call for a drywall repair – I want to be able to get it done as fast as possible.  This product helps me reduce my time on a patch by 50%.

How does FibaFuse work?

Due to it being a woven fiber that will not blister or bubble, I am able to use this product with a fast setting joint compound (Easy Sand 5 or 20).  I’m able to dry this quickly with either a heat gun or a blow dryer to speed up the curing process to about 15-30 minutes.

If this were a scenario using paper tape, it would not have a good bond between the two products- I would have to use an all purpose compound which takes 24 hours to dry.  With fibafuse, the compound and tape literally fuse together.  I’m able to complete one patch in 1 half day, rather than 2-3 part time days while I wait for the compound to dry.

That is why I rate it so highly for repairs.  It is unbeatable!

As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

FibaFuse Review – For New Construction: 4/10

Many drywallers still agree that paper tape is the best product to use on new builds.  This is not only due to the cost, but due to the fact that paper tape is much more versatile than FibaFuse.

If we take a look at the cost difference between the paper and fibafuse, paper still wins.

A general cost comparison in 2024 with paper tape vs fibafuse, fibafuse will cost 81% more per 250 ft roll of tape.

Source: Comparing Home Depot pricing 4/8/2024, Fibafuse 250 ft roll at $6.91, and USG 250 ft roll at $3.81.

Paper tape still trumps this product by far on new construction.  They do boast that it can reduce time repairing bubbles and blisters.  But any experienced drywaller out there should know how to avoid them.  Paper tape is usually 50% cheaper than a roll of FibaFuse, and can be used on all phases of drywall taping.  This is why I rate FibaFuse low for new construction.

Can FibaFuse Be Used On Corners?

Though Fibafuse is still a great product, it can only be used on factory joints, butt joints, and minor repairs.  It cannot be used on corners.  Based on what I researched on the product, I found that they do say it can be used on corners.  This is simply not true. Even the manual for FibaFuse shows a corner crease.

You can view the FibaFuse manual here:

In the installation manual, it says there is a center crease for applying to corners – it even shows images of this.  But from my personal experience using Fibafuse, it does not have a center crease.  If you do try to apply the current Fibafuse product to corners, you will most likely tear the fibers.


That’s all for my Fibafuse review today! Please see my article, Different Types of Drywall Tape if you are comparing which to purchase. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below for me.  I will personally respond with my best answer, and tips and advice if you are a DIYer or general contractor looking to try this product out!

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